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Stainless steel interiors keep beverages cold or hot for extended periods of time, and S'well's signature prints elevate entertaining moments—inspiring a reason to celebrate! To keep your products in the best shape, S'well alwyas recommends hand-washing your products. The Barware collection is top-rack diswasher safe. For larger products, like the Wince Chiller and Ice Bucket, hand-washing your products is highly recommended. S'well's straw is composed of three components: a 6. The complete straw measures approximately 9. First, take the straw pieces apart - use caution when handling small components around small children.

Wet the cleaning brush with warm soapy water and then use to clean the interior and exterior of each piece. Rinse thoroughly, and allow to dry completely before reassembly and drinking use. For everyday hydration, of course!

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The straw fits in the mouth of all our bottles, travelers, and both the Commuter and Tumbler lids.! Pro Tip: You can also use the straw without the end piece and drink directly from the silicone flexi-neck. S'well's Super Chill Ice Tray is 7. Each of the 7 cavities holds 1. The ice tray is made of high-grade FDA approved food-grade silicone. S'well's ice tray is dishwasher safe. You can also handwash with warm soapy water. Please wash before initial use. These fun-shaped ice cubes will fit into most of our products, especially our S'well Original bottle.

S'well products should be cleaned regularly—we recommend washing your bottle with warm water and soap after every use and drying and storing it with the top off.

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Avoid submerging your bottle and cap in water for long periods of time as this will interfere with the vacuum seal. S'well bottles are NOT dishwasher safe! After washing your S'well, we recommend that you dry your beverage container by airing it out upside down and storing it with the lid off. Chalk Ink Pens are a fun way to label and personalize your bottle. Chalk Ink pens are safe and toxin free, just like the rest of our products. For questions or concerns regarding warranty and cleaning information for our Swarovski bottles, please email help swellbottle.

Here are some tips from our team of experts to help Power Your Prep and get the most out of our product:. Our products are perfect for greens and grains, soups and sandwiches, and, well, everything in-between. Show us how you Power Your Prep on social media. We are inspired by you! Here are some tips from our team of experts to help Power Your Prep and getting the most out of our prep bowl:. All S'well products should be washed before initial use.

Use of a dishwasher may deteriorate the finish of this product which may not be covered under any warranties. Look for the easy-pull tab on the inside of the lid to remove the gasket for more thorough cleaning. For any further questions or concerns regarding cleaning our food items, please email help swellbottle. Never use bleach or cleaners containing chlorine. The gasket is dishwasher safe, but placing it within a dishwasher basket is recommended.

For any further questions or concerns about cleaning our food items, please email help swellbottle.

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The band is secured around your bowl with glue dots; it should come off with ease. QuadPay splits any payment into 4 interest free installments in-store and online. Your linked payment card will be charged in 4 installments over 6 weeks. Visit QuadPay for more information on how it works. We do not offer color or printed personalization at this time. See our Personalization page for more information and to place a personalized order. Please read our Policies for more restrictions. Orders will be processed within 24 hours of receipt of order. Currently, we offer the following shipping methods for personalization:.

Economy Shipping Your order will ship within 1 business day and arrive business days after the order was shipped. We currently have three personalization options available, each with a different character limit. If you choose to engrave a name, there is a 10 character limit.

For initials, there is a 3 character limit. If you choose our Name option, it will be engraved vertically on the bottle.

If you choose Initials, it will be engraved horizontally. At this time it cannot be adjusted to any other location. Please see the full list of styles and sizes available here. We do not offer other font options at this time. Yes, we recommend it! The ways in which you repurpose your gift bag is only limited by your creativity!

Please no special characters or emojis, stick to English characters. Promotions and special offers have no cash value and cannot be sold, transferred or assigned. Void where prohibited, taxed or restricted by law. Not at this time! Subscribe to our newsletter for new product releases and promotions! You can access this discount by visiting the Student Store.

You may also access it by clicking here. Styles are subject to change, so keep an eye on our page for updates.


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Only available online at www. Not to worry. You can create a new account , or reach out to our Customer Service team so they can change your account settings. The discount offered on the Student Store is available online only at www. This discount cannot be combined with other discounts or promo codes.

You must be logged in to your student account, with your valid student email address, to access the Student Store. This discount cannot be applied on previous orders, or on purchases made at other authorized retailers. This discount does not apply to shipping, taxes, or duties.

Terms are subject to change. Please see www. For more information regarding authorized retailers please visit our authenticity page. This warranty covers any manufacturer defects, such as thermal performance issues, base becoming detached from the bottle and non-polished surfaces. To report a claim, please send an email to help swellbottle. Specifically, please send a full-length photo of the front of the bottle, the bottom of the bottle and the claimed damage or defect area, if applicable.

If that product is not available, the closest style will be sent as a replacement. For questions or concerns regarding warranty and return information for our Swarovski bottles, please email help swellbottle. Corporate Gifts Help Sign in Register.

Product Info. They do not hold the same thermal claims as other S'well Drink Products as they are open containers and not fully sealed Please note, S'well product claims are based on tests using water. More Products. What is the Sport Collection? What are the different type of caps? Can my Swing or Sport Cap be used on other bottles? How should I care for my Commuter Lid? How do I use my Commuter Lid? Cocktail Kit.

How do I use the Cocktail Kit? How many ounces does the Cocktail Kit jigger hold? How should I care for my Cocktail Kit? Barware Champagne Flute: 6oz. How should I care for my Barware? Straw Set. What are the dimensions of S'well's stainless steel straw? What are the straws made of? How do I clean my straw set? Please clean before initial use. What can I use my straw for? Caution: Hot liquids can burn user. Not for children under 3 years old. Super Chill Ice Tray. What are the dimensions of S'well's ice tray?

What is the ice tray made of? Are there different colors available? How do I remove the belly-band from my bottle? How do I clean Chalk Pen ink from my bottle? Do not overfill; hot liquids can burn user. To prevent spills and leaking, the lid needs to be properly and fully tightened to ensure airtight seal.

The airtight seal maintains the pressure required for all those bubbles. If using with carbonated beverages, never point the bottle at anyone when opening. Hot beverages can cause serious injury if spilled on user, so remember to exercise caution when using this product. Misuse of the Swing Cap and its handle may result in injury, as well as cause premature wear and tear of the bottle.

Pro Tips. For best results, fill with either cold or hot water for minutes. Empty water and immediately fill with contents, quickly re-cover lid, and you're good to go. The hotter your food is when you prepare it, the longer it will retain its temperature. For example, food prepared on the stovetop will stay hotter longer than if warmed in the microwave. Same goes for food that's already in the refrigerator: If you transfer it directly to your bowl, quickly, it will remain colder longer than if prepared or left out too long at room temperature.

Consider this: To Power Your Prep by making your salad or chia pudding the night before and slipping the prep bowl into the stainless steel, exterior bowl just before you leave home.

Another thing to keep in mind: portion size and air space. The more you fill the container, the longer its contents will stay cold or hot. Similarly, the higher the food density, the greater temperature it retains. What does this mean in everyday terms? A full bowl of thick oatmeal will be warmer, for longer, than a few chicken nuggets at the bottom of the bowl surrounded by air.

Hot food that travels outside in the cold won't keep as long; the same goes for cold food in the heat. The best way to control the temperature of your food is to keep it indoors. Similarly, food prepared on the stovetop will keep food hotter, longer. Another thing to keep in mind: portion size.

The more you fill the bowl, the longer its contents will stay hot or cold i. At home, however, it's an easy, sustainable solution for your food storage needs. Extended Care Instructions. To prevent spills and leaking, make sure lids are applied properly and always transport your S'well Eats or S'nack by S'well in its upright position. Hot contents can cause burns, scalding or property damage. Long-term storage use can cause excessive pressure to build up, which could cause lid failure and injury.

Won't hurt the parts by leaving them in too long. For those wondering if this will work on a big flat surface or flag pole--not really. You need something like a gel that will stick. I've tried wrapping wheel spokes in evaporust soaked paper towels, but that didn't work for shit. I have setup 5gallons in a big plastic bin with a submersible pump to run it over a motorcycle exhaust since I didn't have enough to soak the whole thing. That worked. ColddeviL 7 Helpful?

This comment has been rated as unhelpful by Slickdeals users. L6: Expert. Great deal on some great stuff! I'm in for 2 gallons.

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Reply Helpful Comment? L Grand Master. Our community has rated this post as helpful. If you agree, why not thank purple? Amazon has recently been cancelling all my "Order now and we will deliver when available" orders even after sending emails about the item being available soon. L3: Novice. Nice op! I'm in for another and don't have to drive to tractor supply again, i was wishing i had bought 2 on that last deal. Used it for cleaning up a jointer this time, but not a classic one so it only got a quick cleanup treatment.

Dang thats a great price but WOW is that ever a lot of the stuff!

How to Remove Rust from Stainless Steel Grills

I'd never use it all! What did I just buy?! Help me out here. Is this what I would use to remove rust from the driveway? Just installed a well and it's discoloring the concrete a bit. Lx: God Mode. If you agree, why not thank reelbusy? Quote from tanman99 :. Quote from reelbusy :. Quote from stasis :. L5: Journeyman. Wonderful stuff. I spend more time taking my Jeep apart than driving it, and this stuff is wonderful for cleaning the rust off parts. L2: Beginner. Page 1 of 6. Join the Conversation Add a Comment.

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Evapo-Rust Rust Remover gives new life to all your rusty household items. One Gallon Rust Remover is environmentally-safe water-based product that removes rust in minutes, without scrubbing or sanding. Requires no special equipment gloves, protective eyewear, masks and will not harm unrusted steel or affect plastic, PVC, Viton and most paints. Quote from tanman99 : Help me out here.

Quote from reelbusy : if you want to get it off drive way use limeaway and a scrub brush.