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Remember that this is per ticket, too.

Sunday is by far the worst day to depart and, in this case, just one day's difference can cost serious money. Saturday is actually the worst day to return, as business travelers reluctantly, we're sure return to their home cities at the end of the work week.

7 Tips to Find Cheap Flights to Las Vegas

The worst day to book is on Saturday, so no matter how lame your local nightlife seems, wait until hump day to make a move. As far as weather goes, October is an excellent time to visit Las Vegas: highs are in the low 80s and there's not much rain. August, of course, is blazing hot, but there are some pool parties in town that should be able to cool off visitors.

If you're thinking about trying to grab a bargain flight to Sin City this year, always try to be aware of the various extras that can apply to your booking via our Airline Fee Calculator, especially with every one of the carriers on the route charging additional fees for checked in baggage, extra leg room, in-flight meals and personal seat selection.

We'd prefer you spend your dollars at the tables, in the nightclubs, cruising the neon-lit strip or twisting and turning on the metropolitan roller coasters that weave their way through Vegas' center. Flying has become ridiculous and I try not to as much as I can. Cons: My overhead light was broken. Pros: crew was initially helpful but then did not help with our connection but might have been out of their control-would have been nice to know that there was no chance to make connection with the initial flight delay We ran all the way and still did not make it-too far and connection was too tight with having to go thru customs very grateful to the Luftansa attendant who helped us at the desk of the gate to find and book another connetion.

Cons: The time of the flight was super late. I wish we could have left earlier. All other aspects were fine. Cons: Delaying a flight by 2 hours for crew issues is ridiculous and even more do not alerting me to the change before I was at the airport. Cons: I felt although they said the two attendants were great they were at best mediocre especially the man. Cons: The seats do not recline and are not very comfortable. Drinks and snacks are not complimentary.

Pros: This flight itself met all expectations and I am very pleased with Allegiant. I was never able to check in using the Allegiant phone app.

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Reason never communicated. Unable to check in online. Finally after a long hold over the phone I reached an agent who explained the system was updating. Bad set up. Could have been communicated! Cons: 5 hour delay. They offered meal vouchers. For 8 dollar like wtf?

But of course they offered them after every place closed in the airport. Cons: Got another plane or somehow figured out a way to get us home instead of being delayed 6 hours. Cons: Announcements were weirds with lots of uhms. Cons: Paying extra for bags is ridiculous. It needs to be included in the ticket price.

Charging extra for a single bag is a deceptive practice. Charging extra for multiple bags is satisfactory. Pros: The staff in this flight are attentive and offer water and coffee many time during the flight. Way better than the flight I flew to Seattle-with SC. Cons: budget airline with terrible service. Many people in the line missed their flight - no refund and no help. Booked with another airline - not flying Suncountry again.

Cons: The seats are cheap and uncomfortable. The tray table is so small my drink did not fit on it. Pros: Crew was friendly and did a good job getting all the people boarded especially with the number of children and those needing assistance. Cons: They seemed unprepared for deplaning even though we spent 30 minutes on the tarmac waiting for our gate to open. Cons: Once again, the flight was 2 hours late.

Frontier had to have known that much sooner and yet they waited until less than two hours from the flight time to send out a notification. This left a completely packed flight crammed at a small gate area A40 for hours. We were also crowded there with those on the delayed flight to Santa Barbara. This happened both to and from Billings and Denver. Pros: Nothing. I was not allowed to board because I was 5 minutes late for checkin and was not allowed to check in ahead of time online. I had a ticket. The plane was right on the other side of security.

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I had plenty of time to catch my flight if I'd had a boarding pass. Instead I had to buy a new ticket.

In the City of Lights, everyone is a movie star

Cons: Let me check in ahead of time online. Also, make it abundantly clear on the ticket and elsewhere that if I check in at the airport it has to be at least 45 minutes before departure. Cons: No inflight entertainment and a real lack of food for a 5 hour flight. Cons: The seats are very uncomfortable. During the boarding, it was totally unclear what is the current zone. When I tried to board they said I should wait for my zone, but there wasn't any information on the screen so it's hard to know, especially if you listen to music and don't hear announcements.

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Please improve this! Pros: Seat 2 c was great but wish it reclined. Baggage service was good. Flight attendants were nice and friendly. Snack and drink selections. Cons: The wheel chair service was mediocre, too long wait for wheel chair and attendant in Austin and Orlando.

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The check in process was too congested for a handicapped person. Rows were too close for wheel chair make check -in. Good thing I checked my email the night before and saw that. Flight was delayed 4 times with no explanation. Pros: Very comfy, roomy seats. Helpful, welcoming staff. Great take-off and landing—very smooth. Cons: I needed wheelchair assist at both ends.

In each case I was waiting over 30 min. At the departure end there was a danger of missing the flight so one of the gate staff wheeled me, Amina was amazing. Another long wait at SFO. I spent almost as much time waiting for wheelchairs as I did on the flight! Cons: WiFi did not work for me to watch the on board entertainment, but not a dealbreaker for me. Cons: Delays. We got to the airport 2 hours early and at that point saw the flight was delayed 35 min.

By the time we got through security and to the gate the flight was now delayed over 4 hours. Then at one point the delay changed to 3 hours. Then back to 4. Cons: Seemed short staffed. I was assisting my aunt who is wheel chair bound and they didn't seem to have enough staff.

Pros: More easy to board with the size bag, within their limits, that I thought it would be. Didn't know about all the price sticklers until after I bought my plane tickets, but once I knew the rules and we only packed one change of clothes into a small bag that we could carry on, everything else went smoothly. Cons: No USB ports on the plane and no entertainment. So I simply got water which he filled one third of the way and that was it Cons: Spirit is and will always be a last ditch choice if no others exist.

Cons: There was absolutely nothing for free. You had to pay for a glass of water, tea or coffee. There was no complementary WiFi. Delayed for 4 hours. No time change updates were ever provided at the airport. No communications provided as to why our flight was delayed. No other options given. Cons: Communication and updates. At the very least, food and drink vouchers. Cons: The flight was late and there was a horrible stench during our entire flight that smelled like a combination of death and feces.

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Cons: The brand new plane is very small and cramped. There is no pocket and the tray table is minuscule. Cons: The check in was horrible. The spirit kiosk need updated. Cons: Not lose luggage, have a better system in place to deal with system downs. Pros: Crew were good. Seating was awful. Very uncomfortable because seats don't recline.

Cons: Seats need to recline and the cost of luggage was ridiculously expansive. I won't be using this airline again mostsly because of baggage costs. Pros: The flight crews were fantastic on all legs. Cons: The only improvements were related to seat comfort. Often, after hours in flight, my back began to hurt. Cons: Flight was delayed several hours due to an issue with the plane. Didn't get to our destination until close to 2am. Cons: No good-faith gesture was offered for the long delay. My associate and I completely missed an important dinner meeting with the rest of our team!

Our team takes this trip each year and we have always drove. It' short and I then have transportation when I arrive. This year we decided to fly because it's even easier. It's made from up-cycled shipping containers and is home to lots of hip, artsy boutiques, galleries, restaurants, live music and even a play area for kids. As one of the world's most popular tourist destinations, Las Vegas has a golden reputation for being a city of wall-to-wall dining and its incredibly diverse clientele has certainly inspired its cuisine.

The city's top restaurants are owned by celebrity chefs and Michelin-Star winners while the buffets and towering burgers oozing cheese and hundreds of toppings are mouthwateringly good. So whether you fancy fine dining, a seriously good steak or giant pizza buffet, it's on the strip. The steak and lobster buffets are world-famous as are the huge hotel brunches — booking is advised. Planning a holiday is always an exciting time, but knowing where to start can often cause confusion. We take your privacy seriously. By providing your details, you agree that Teletext holidays may contact you with relevant offers and services by email and SMS.

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