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Looking to park my car before leaving for a trip but have heard the airport parking is expensive, any suggestions? I typically use The Parking Spot. There is often a coupon in the ValPak coupon pack or in many of the airline magazines. The Parking Spot also posts coupons on their website if ever needed last minute without access to the other sources.

The Parking Spot

I like to stay at the Four Points Sheraton the night before my flight, free shuttle to the airport, and you can leave your car in their lot for up to 14 days. Plus it makes you feel like your vacation is one day longer.

How to Find Airport Parking Coupons and Cheap Long-Term Parking Lot Discounts

Edit: really depends on when your flight is because there's service every min m-f during rush hour times but only every hour other than that. The Parking Spot delivers amenities that make near-airport parking more enjoyable.

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Continuous trunk-to-terminal shuttle service every minutes included with parking. If you land between 10PM — 6AM, call for airport pick up. Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Upgrade to covered parking to protect your vehicle from the elements. Click here to learn more about our FREE shuttle tracking app. Complimentary water waiting for you at checkout.

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Friendly drivers offer assistance with luggage. Interior and exterior car washes available for select parking types. Finding an affordable airport parking spot is easier than ever. Pick-up was equally quick. Call them on your cell phone when your plane lands and your car will be waiting for you at their office.

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I saw a continuous flow of their easily identified minibuses available to take you to their parking area. I wish they ran the airline I flew with. I was particularly impressed by the care and competence of employee Charles Moore. The staff was marvelous, and we want to thank you for making what could have been a confusing situation a seamless one instead. After he dropped me off, I jumped in my car and left.

Kansas City Airport Long & Short Term Parking Rates

As I was headed down the outer road, I heard a scraping noise coming from under the car, turned around and went back to your facility. When I pulled in, Bill came over and asked what the noise was. He immediately got down on his knees on the dirty ground and inspected the underside of my car.

It turns out the heat shield over my exhaust had come loose and was dragging on the road. Bill took the time to find a wire coat-hanger and helped me with a quick temporary fix to get me home. I was in my nice work clothes and he laid down on the dirty ground and got the heat shield jimmy-rigged back up for me, and sent me on my way.

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The loose heat shield was a result of general wear and tear, and in no way a liability of yours. Bill went above and beyond and I wanted you to know that is one of the reasons I will remain a regular customer. I have recently used you guys and must say it was a totally different experience. The prices are great as well, and you even have my car ready when I am dropped off, even better!!!

I will continue to use you guys for all of my future travels to the airport.