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Today, their website is unable to load. Pre-ordered Ni No Kuni 2 from this seller, took the funds for the order immediately, up to launch I've received no dispatch notice nor any email advising of a delay or stock shortage for the title. Four days after launch, no sign of the order arriving, still no reply or any correspondence to my attempts at contacting them to clarify. Tried to contact twice via email as there is no phone number provided to receive no response, appalling behavior from an online store, this store should not be allowed to operate an e-commerce business.

Will not be ordering from these cowboys again, I advise others to do the same and stick to the more reputable sellers. Ordered Ni No Kuni 2 collectors edition in February. Money taken straight away.

Email sent to staff reveals 21 closures, website already down

Gave up and raised a PayPal claim, refund was made that morning. If you paid by PayPal open a dispute against them. If paid via credit card ring your credit card company immediately and explain the situation - they can take your money back. I feel a really strong urge to try and do the right thing and so, in hindsight, I'm changing my review score from 2 stars to 5 stars now it is clear why the below experience I had was so unusual for Grainger Games - a store I had used exclusively for the last ten years.

I had no idea that they were about to close down and when I read the news that they were shutting I felt really awful. It is no consolation to Grainger Games or the many devoted staff who worked for them, but I'd like them to know how much I valued them above the likes of retail monoliths such as Amazon. In particular, I never had a bad customer service on a face to face level with them - in fact quite the opposite, they were a dedicated bunch and it was clear they loved their jobs and the company they worked with.

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  • Game over for Grainger Games' Kirkgate store.
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Anyhoo, I can only send my best wishes and hope the former staff of Grainger Games can go on to share their friendliness and expertise in different places and to a new generation of video game players. Good luck and, again, my apologies. The Benton store went straight to a full phone mail box. The Byker and Central Newcastle stores simply rang and rang, with no one bothering to pick up the phone in-store.

I really want to be able to support smaller retail chains and independents.

Game over for Grainger Games' Kirkgate store

I don't like the ubiquity of Amazon, even though I admit I do use it. If Grainger Games want even a small chance of surviving in this new post-high street landscape they really need to up their ante. There is no reasonable justification as to why three separate stores over a period of two hours, and dozens of call attempts on my part, could not answer their phone, mid-morning on a regular Tuesday.

It's almost as if they do not want people's business or money. Sadly, because of this I doubt I'll use Grainger Games again, which is a real shame. I hope someone from there reads this and does something about their really, really inadequate customer service. Really should have read this before ordering. No email for dispatch, no reply to webmail email, no reply to online query and no customer service telephone number! Awful in this day and age.

Didn't arrive next day. When I did receive a parcel all it had in it was the wrong carry case, a jiffy bag and an order saying some orders arrive in separate packages. I have still not received anything else. Have tried the online contact form no answer, have tried emailing direct to webatgraingergames.

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It honestly was. Everyone was friendly, the customers included.

Grainger Games Discount Codes, Black Friday Sales & Cashback Offers

I caught up with her as she and her colleagues were clearing out the last of the stock from the shop on Saturday. An overwhelming sadness clung to the empty racking and torn posters. Steph says that a few things seemed awry over the past few months. But around the beginning of March, Stuart noticed that something was up.

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  5. Stuart recalls the shock of hearing that Grainger Games was going down. As soon as we heard about the credit being cut I went straight on the net and applied for about four jobs in one day. Inside the Bishop Auckland store. We kind of assumed that something bad was going to happen. According to my manager, he said that it was a bit of a surprise because we thought that we were doing well, but as soon as the credit got cut, there was not much we could have done.

    I thought someone would do the same for us.

    Grainger games £5 challenge

    We got told that the first stores would be closed by other staff, and we got told that the rest of the stores are probably going to go by other staff. And then they did. The Darlington store. I used to shop there a fair bit but online prices have just blew them out of the water. Every time I've been in lately the store is just deserted. I have never been to the Northern UK.

    The Final Days of Grainger Games — As Told By Those Who Worked There

    LoudMouse Member. Nov 23, 3, I bloody hope not. It's the only games shop I ever use. Kresnik Member.

    Games Inbox: Grainger Games collapse, Warframe praise, and Far Cry 5 difficulty

    Oct 26, 2, Skronk said:. Hero-of-Time Member. Oct 27, Sad news. I still remember using them when I was a kid, back when they were just a stall in Grainger Market. Charlies was also a great video game store that I used back then. It was just close by to Grainger. Cregavitch Member. Mar 8, UK. I live in a place with no big shops, I have to travel for a decent amount of time just to get to a city with any shops that are an actual Branch and Grainger just so happens to be the only game shop in that city, and even then the next closest city only has Grainger.

    If it all goes to shit for them I guess I'll have to move on to only ever buying online and only trading my games in as bloody ASDA. My local only has one row of games now, the rest of the store is figures,plushies,pop heads,blind bags etc. Geoff Member. Oct 27, 5, Oct 30, 22 England. The odd time that I use them is to trade in the odd disc or Nintendo game and then I usually exchange them for top up cards for steam etc.

    This seems to be a trend where I am from where second hand stores for electronics are popping up left right and center. They moved and changed to Trade Nation near me. It's like CEX but with funko pops and other merch as well as used games and gadgets. Prices are better than GAME new and especially used. They have some deals that beat Amazon prices. Stop It Member. Oct 25, 3, It's grim up north.

    Of course the only one in Manchester is in Stretford So isn't Manchester so when visiting my partner's family I don't even get to see it. Really don't want GAME to be the only gaming retailer again, especially as they already are down here and they're not exactly known for their fiscal stability. I've heard all expensive gadgets have gone back to head office and no deliveries are happening.

    I don't think they will be recovering. Rodhull Member. Only used them online but found them to be better than Game so shame if they go under. ApexNorth Member. From the looks of their website, they have appeared to have cancelled pre-orders. Far Cry 5, God of War is not listed on the website anymore. Lagamorph Member. Oct 26, 4, Yeah, they have contacted customers to inform them that all pre-orders have been cancelled.

    Grainger Games take payments for pre-orders too, wonder if that money will be getting refunded. Raddy Member. Oct 25, Never been in one as they don't exist here down south. Bad news for their staff, hopefully get back on their feet quickly if it is the end for the company. Shin Banned. I thought it was a game studio and was like who are they? I went into the branch in Redcar yesterday and good lord, the smell, I couldn't handle it, had to just turn around and leave within 30 seconds. It was worse than any branch of CeX I've ever been into. Their prices used to be really good in Grainger Games but lately they've been bumping the prices up little by little.

    They're also even worse than GAME for giving you gutted new games. I wanted to create this thread a couple days ago, but still not able to create new threads just yet. My brother-in-law works as a driver for Grainger Games, based at the main warehouse in Longbenton Just outside Newcastle. They have been told the business is pretty much done, probably as early as the end of March.

    He along with the warehouse staff will be losing their jobs. Apparently the scale of the problems have been pretty well hidden, up till a couple weeks ago at least. A bunch of the branches have also been re-branded as "Trade Nation" rather than Grainger Games, even though it's still the same company.

    Suspect they were trying to target the CeX demographic a bit more.