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Home Top. Easy Access: Retail Loan Stmt. Risk Management Basics. EDU Inc. Now if we see, in this financial contract there are two legs of the transaction for both the parties. We will analyze the cash flows for two scenarios:. Looking at the above exchange of cash flows, an obvious question comes to our mind that why financial institutions enter into swaps agreement.

Interest Rate Derivatives - Principal Only Swaps (POS)

It is clearly seen in scenario 1 that fixed paying party is benefitted from the swaps. It basically reduces the cost of both parties. However, comparative advantage argument assumes that there is no credit risk involved and funds can be borrowed during the life of the swap. In the above table, we can see that EDU Inc. Looking at the above cash flows, we can say that EDU Inc.

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LIBOR — 0. In the second scenario for CBA Inc.

Swaps in Finance | Definition | Examples |Valuation

There are several types of Swaps transacted in the financial world. They are a commodity, currency, volatility, debt, credit default, puttable, swaptions Interest rate swap , equity swap , etc. As we know that Swap is nothing but the series or a combination of bonds for both counterparties and hence its valuation is also easy. For example suppose that two counterparties A and B enter into Swaps agreement wherein A pays fixed and receive float refer image: 2 below.

In this arrangement, if we see there is a package of two bonds for A. At any given point of time, a value of the swap for a fixed rate payer is the difference between the present value of the remaining floating rate payment and a present value of the remaining fixed rate payment B float — B fixed.

Examining An Interest Rate Swaps

Whereas for a fixed rate receiver, the value of the swap is the difference between the present value of the remaining fixed rate payment and a present value of the remaining floating rate payment B fixed — B float. We can calculate a value of swap for either of the party and then find out for another easily as a swap is a derivative contract and we are aware that derivative is a zero-sum game wherein profit for one party is equal and opposite to the loss of another. Hence, the formula for the value of swap agreement can be summarized as below:. Here, one point is to be noted that at the date of settlement, a value of floating coupon bond is always equal to the notional principal as at the date of settlement coupon rate is equal to YTM or the bond is par bond.

One year has already crossed and both the party wants to terminate the agreement immediately. Here, since the swap agreement was supposed to end after two years but it is being terminated by the counterparties only after one year. Hence, we have to value the swap at the end of one year. Also, it is assumed that on the date of settlement, coupon payment has been made to long party.

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But what if, the contract is not terminated on the date of settlement? The valuation for fixed leg payment shall remain the same as explained above. But valuation for the floating leg is slightly changed. After one and half years both the party wants to terminate the agreement immediately. Like an Interest rate swap as explained above , Currency Swaps also known as Cross Currency Swaps is a derivative contract to exchange certain cash flows at a predetermined time.

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