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Like any medical procedure, a root canal treatment poses some risk and, on rare occasions, there may be complications.

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Please note: In most cases root canal treatment is very successful. Speak with your dentist if you have any concerns about the treatment.

There is a waiting list for dental care and additional fees or co-payments may be charged. Logo A A.

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Live Root Canal Demonstration on tooth #18 by Dr. Brett E. Gilbert, Board Certified Endodontist

What is a root canal treatment? Why might I need a root canal treatment?

What should I expect with root canal treatment? The infected tooth. The dental professional will make an opening in the top of the tooth. The diseased pulp and bacteria are flushed out with disinfectant and the root canals are cleaned with special instruments. We provide top quality work and have some of the most sophisticated technology in dentistry including 3-d cone beam imaging and Cerec crowns made in office.

We welcome walk-ins and emergencies and offer hours from 7am to 7pm during the week and Saturdays 9am-6pm. The best way to maintain your oral health is to make sure that you are on top of it by receiving preventative check ups that help fight against cavities and other oral health issues.


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We know how important it is to keep your teeth white and healthy, and that is why we provide a full range of whitening, everything from in-office whitening to take home trays! Whether your a family of 1 or a family of 20, Smile Dental Studio treats patients of all ages and is your one stop for Dental Care! At Smile Dental Studio we offer a full range of cosmetic dentistry services so you can have a smile you love!

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Each case is different, and for that reason we offer in-office Cerec and Whitening, we also work with the best labs in town to make sure your treatment is perfect! We offer in-office crowns made the same day with our state of the art Cerec machine that can make a crown in an hour.

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No more temporaries to deal with. Find out the benefits of Cerec!

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All-on-4 implants are a great alternative to dentures that can often be completed in a single sitting. For more information on this innovative procedure, please contact our office today to learn more. We offer free consultations and free 3-d scans to see if your a candidate! Our doctors have combined to place thousands of implants over the years.