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In the case of a common coupon bond, it means that the issuer should repay the principal and the last coupon at the maturity date. Generally, if we take under consideration the time to maturity, we can classify bonds as:.

Coupons are the interest paid by the issuer at some strictly specified points in time. Typically, coupon payments are made semi-annually. However, we may encounter a situation in which coupons will be paid annually or quarterly or even monthly. Taking coupons under consideration, we distinguish 3 basic types of bonds :. Question 1: Frequency of Bond Coupon Payments. Question Question 2: Coupon of a Floater. The par value amounts to USD Question 2 is available for CFA candidates using our study planner to control their prep:.

Already using Soleadea? Sign into your account 2. Refresh this page to see Question 2. Accrued interest is important if a bond is purchased between interest periods.

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Accrued interest is the interest earned but not yet paid. When buying a bond between interest periods, the counterparty will usually quote the so-called clean price.

Clean price is the price of a bond without accrued interest. Full price, which is also called dirty price, is the price that is actually paid for the bond.

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Therefore, the full price is equal to the clean price plus accrued interest. Another bond feature is the type of issuer. Where an amount is posted into the wrong type of account e. Motor Vehicles rather than Motor Expenses. At the end of one year Acme Widget will pay First National.


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The interest rate on this bond would be. How much will Acme receive for the bond?

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Interest payments from the borrower to the lender periodically during the life of the loan and payment by the borrower to the lender of the face value of the loan at maturity. Discount Bond 10, bond from bank of america and repays 11, Debt instrument in which the borrower repays the amount of the loan in a single payment at maturity but receives less than the face value of the bond initially.

A debt instrument that requires the borrower to make regular periodic payments of principal and interest to the lender. If investors are willing to pay more than the par value for a bond, you can be sure that. If, while you are holding a coupon bond, the interest rates on other similar bonds fall, you can be sure that.

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If, while you are holding a coupon bond, the market price falls, you can be sure that. If the current price of a bond is equal to its face value. If the current price of a bond is less that its face value. If the current price of a bond is greater than its face value.


A bond's price and its yield to maturity are inversely related because. Treasury bonds. We would expect that yields on long-term corporate bonds to be. Nominal interest rates are higher than real interest rates.

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Beta thus measures market risk. Model that describes one possible relationship between risk and the required rate of return on an asset. In the case of common stock, the CAPM is based on the concept that a sensible investor h…. The standardized measure of the risk per unit of return; calculated as the standard deviation divided by the expected return. A measure of the degree of relationship between two variables.

That part of a security's risk associated with random events; it can be eliminated by proper diversification. This risk is also known as company-specific, or unsystematic, risk. The rate of return expected to be realized from an investment; the weighted average of the probability distribution of possible results.