Online coupons scams

According to Consumer Affairs, a recent online coupon scam promised deals on popular consumer products.

The Current State of Coupon Fraud (and how to prevent it) - Sampler

The catch was that the buyer would need to provide their credit card information or personal identifying data in order to get the coupon. Fraudsters could then sell this data on the underground market and use it for identity theft. If your business decides to market through social media, it's important to show that your page is verified.

This could help consumers better identify real deals while still attracting revenue opportunities through the social channels.

Couponers Can Help Fight Coupon Fraud

As cyber criminals continue to create legitimate looking coupon codes and scams, it will be integral for organizations to direct customers to actual discount pages. For businesses and consumers alike, coupon fraud is a major problem.

This cyclical occurrence will continue as long as fake coupons are distributed. There are a few signs that organizations should be wary of:.

Cashiers themselves must be trained on how to use coupons properly and catch potential fraud cases. Smart coupon creation can make a big difference in identifying legitimate ones over counterfeits. Trend Micro suggested putting safeguards in place like limiting the reuse, distribution and time limit for coupon codes. Businesses can also personalize coupons and use anti-counterfeit techniques like complex data codes, watermarks, code authentication and microprinting to deter scammers from duplicating codes and deals.

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Leaders must also work with distributors, stakeholders and law enforcement to establish stronger fraud resistance and risk management policies for coupon programs. All the while, organizations need to maintain the privacy, security and integrity of their infrastructure that manages critical processes. As the holiday season approaches, more businesses will start coming out with sales and deals on their products and services. However, it's also the perfect time for cyber criminals and coupon counterfeiters to make a quick payday off of unsuspecting victims.

Instead, these fake savings opportunities are actually a cybercriminal's way of luring you to a website that may ask you to input your credit card information. Be careful not to click on any suspicious-looking coupons from social media sites or download what could be phishing schemes disguised as coupons from non-reputable websites. If you're not sure whether a coupon is legitimate, check official retail store websites or read Black Friday ads for genuine coupons and deal information.

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Sometimes you don't have to stumble across scams on the Internet — they might be delivered straight to you. Spam e-mails and even text messages may try to lure you to click on compromising links. Because of their widespread appeal, Apple products tend to be particularly common bait for e-mail scams. Despite these cyber ploys, you'll receive many legitimate e-mails in the days and weeks leading up to Black Friday, too.

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In fact, signing up for e-mail lists from retailers such as Target or Best Buy is an excellent way to receive Black Friday sales news as soon as they're released. So how can you ensure that the messages in your inbox are the real thing?

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  5. A few useful holiday shopping tips from the FBI:. Check the sender's e-mail address. If you don't recognize the sender, or didn't sign up to receive notifications from the address, don't respond to it or click on any links within the message.

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